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Einstellungstest Vityaz
« am: 19:31, Mi 20. Okt. 2010 »
So hier mal die Aufstellung des Einstellungstests der Vityaz-Jungs (leider nur in english):
Bilder sind am Ende des Textes.

Agenda -

10km march (you have under 2 hours)

-running through various obstacles of mud, water, sand, dirt, up hill, down hill. You are given MASKA titanium helmet, AKS-74, and a heavy bullet proof vest with plates.

-During the march, you will be shot at, explosives will be detonated very close to you. And there will be a chemicaly infected (simulated) area, where you have to use gas masks while running or carrying your buddy for 2-3km.

-you will also perform a series of tough physical exersises (duck walk up the hill, endless pushups, and you never know when they will stop you and make you do that)

Next stage

-Without any breaks, you are taken into an obstacle course after you complete your minimum of 10km march. The obsticle is a simulation of
urban environment, trenches, and underground tunnels where you can hardly fit. After you finish your obstacle course, you must fire a blank round that is provided with your magazine in the begining of the test. IT MUST FIRE. They advise you to use common sence about taking care of your weapon.
If it doesnt fire - BYE BYE

Next Stage

-Without any breaks again, you will be tested on your capability of accuratly firing various weapons while being tired and exhausted. (AKS-74, PKM, SVD, RPG-7, AGS-17)

Next STage

-You have 2 minutes to jump into your climbing gear to work on a 5 story building. You must show a perfect storm of the building using the skills you learned in training.

You start on the top and go down. On the fourth floor you will meet various targets which you must positively ID and shoot bad guys with blank rounds. After shooting tangos, you must now prepare your simulated grenade while going down around the 3rd floor. When you get to the second floor, you must knock out a window frame with your foot, and throw in a simulated grenade.

You have 45 seconds to get from the 5th floor to the ground while performing all those tasks.

Next Stage

-You now must perform various tough acrobatic exersises.


And the final event is a 12 minute brutal fight without any breaks against 4 changing fighters. One of them has a Red Beret.
Passing is accounted if you stay without being knocked out,
and also fighting against your fighters. You must be active, and not just defend yourself. You are allowed to have medical attention only for 60 seconds.

It takes a lot of blood, courage, pride and of course guts to get RED BERET.

Also this is not done on a beach or 80 miles from Moscow.

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